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LDJ Debt Recovery Professionals Inc. is a national commercial debt recovery firm founded by two seasoned lawyers and an investment banker with a combined 23 years experience in debt collection, commercial litigation, security enforcement, debtor/creditor law, finance and small business operations. The principals of LDJ have collected an impressive $20,000,000 for their clients.

LDJ collects monies due to commercial creditors by commercial debtors. Unlike "traditional collection agencies", LDJ uses its dedicated collection lawyers in addition to experienced recovery professionals, paralegals and highly-trained staff. This vital distinction provides your company with an important advantage: You will not have the unnecessary aggravation of dealing with separate entities to recover one account.

Many agencies are aware of this advantage and claim to have a "lawyer network" or an ability to "facilitate" litigation, but few have a dedicated legal team available to pursue legal recourse. With its own legal team, LDJ has complete control of the administration of your account from the initial placement through to post-judgment recovery.

LDJ's success is founded upon:

  • Providing customized solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each account
  • Web accessible information systems and up-to-date reporting
  • Expeditious recovery of monies
  • Reasonable cost of recovery
  • A reputation for friendly and attentive service and high ethical standards

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