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Complimentary Services
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Contingency Services Offered

Commercial Debt Recovery
If you have delinquent accounts that need a little more attention or customers who are refusing to pay, you will benefit from our debt recovery services. With our sophisticated credit research and investigative techniques, we are able to uncover your debtor's financial condition, giving us the information we need to make decisions about how best to recover your money.  

Litigation should be a last resort. LDJ Debt Recovery Professionals endeavors to recover your money without litigating, thus providing a better chance for relationships to remain intact. This is accomplished through diplomatic communications and onsite negotiations when necessary.

Second Placements of Your Difficult Accounts
LDJ has a "workout" division that is specially structured to pursue and salvage second placements (accounts that have previously been worked unsuccessfully by another collection agency). Full-service recovery efforts are provided, but different techniques are used to improve your chances of recovery.

Judgment Enforcement
If you have been awarded a judgment and the debtor refuses to pay, we can help you determine whether it would be productive to take further action and if so, have our legal team pursue the matter on a contingency fee basis.

These services are provided for on a contingency fee basis which includes the cost of litigation if necessary.